Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spray Truck Bed Liner Reviews

Did you recently buy a truck? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the number of bed liners to choose from? When I purchased my first new truck, I was totally confused as to which type of bed liner I should purchase. So, I did a ton of research and wanted to share with you what I had found. (Most of the information I found online at spray on bed liner reviews websites)

My original goal was to determine exactly which Spray Truck Bed Liner was the best on the market. I looked at Line-X, Rhino Liner, and numerous others. During the process I learn about some potential problems. If you’re thinking of getting a spray truck bed liner, here are a couple ideas to consider. A permanent liner may not really be best.  Sure, it’s a plus to get a liner that lasts as long as the truck, but that in no ways means you get a liner that can’t be damaged or deteriorate.  See, the guarantee only means the liner is covered for what they deem normal use. Is hauling bricks normal use?  Is hauling fire wood normal use? Is hauling bikes normal use? Is hauling furniture normal use?  Or are all these uses deemed excessive use?  If so you will be stuck with a worn out bed liner in your truck, that you can not take out.
Another thought you may not want to think about, is how that liner gets installed in the truck.  The way that the spray on installers get the liner paint to stick on is by rigorous surface preparation. That means the paint gets sanded extremely and aggressively off.  It all but gets destroyed before the liner coat goes on. Picture this,  you get this brand new truck with the carefully applied factory paint coating and then you pay this guy to take an air sander and sand the paint almost off. Then they spray the liner coating on over that.  This process makes it nearly impossible for you to ever take the spray on bed liner out, no matter if it shows signs of wear or just fades.   Is that how you want your truck to be treated? Absolutely not, don’t even come near my truck with grinders.

Damage to truck beds comes as much more than just scratches too. Dents may do more to hurt your precious truck than scrapes. Dents certainly take more to repair than a few scratches. Dent protection is another way the spray on bed liners fail. Spray coatings always add thickness to the trucks bed which helps with scratches, but really they don’t add much dent protection. In the past the only alternative to achieve truck bed dent protection was with the drop in bed liner. The draw back of the drop ins were that they moved around in the truck bed and would wear the paint off, leaving bare metal to rust out your trucks bed. Now today there is a much better choice, it is a 5 piece component truck bed liner. The sidewalls are polypropylene and are molded to fit the exact contour of your trucks bed. Each piece interlocks together giving you 100%protection. The “Zero Skid” floor mat  is held in place by the sidewalls and actually is held up off the trucks bed by many pieces of extruded rubber, this allows water to drain out of the factory designed drain holes, so you do not have to worry about mold or mildew or rust caused by standing water. The Dual Liner Bed Liner is the only bed liner that actually preserves the condition of your trucks bed. It has no harmful effects on your truck and offers you better paint protection than any other bed liner. Dual Liner offers you better dent protection than any other truck bed liner and also the best cargo protection too. Check out the Dual Liner Today!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, my friend was telling me about his truck bedliners in Huntington Beach, ca. That's what got me curious to learn more about them. So do you have any suggestions for someone just getting into all this? Thanks for the help.

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  6. My husband jut got a truck and it is seriously his baby. I think for his birthday I want to get him some truck accessories and do something like this. I think he would love it. I don't really know much about cars or trucks but he does.


  7. I've never heard of a spray truck bed liner. That seems like an interesting concept. That seems like I would consider using to replace my old truck bed liner if it's cheaper and if it works better.

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